Everyone is talking about energy efficient design and how this makes your home more comfortable to live in and cheaper to run. But do you know the importance building orientation plays in this?

Orientation refers to the placement and positioning of your granny flat in your backyard.  Good orientation will take in to consideration the local climate and seasonal sun and wind variations.

Poor orientation often occurs when a standard design is picked out of a brochure without any consideration given to the individual property and surrounds on which it will be built.

This is just another reason why we custom design all our projects at Perth’s Granny Flat Specialist.  A well thought out floor plan can save you thousands in unnecessary insulation, glazing upgrades, and long term heating and cooling costs.

How can Perth’s Granny Flat Specialist help?

One of the first steps in our process is carrying out a site assessment.  The company Director, Shane, will come to your property to see and listen to what you’re trying to achieve.  This also gives him the opportunity to answer questions such as… Does your backyard have large shady trees? Which side of the property does the sun rise?  Do your neighbours have a double storey house?  Do you get strong easterly winds or maybe a sea breeze?  Are you located on a hill?  Which direction does your existing house face?

What are some of our top tips for an energy efficient orientation?  In Perth we try to have:

  1. The longest walls (surface area) on the northern and southern sides.
  2. Kitchens and living spaces on the northern side.
  3. Bathrooms, laundries and rooms used less frequently on the eastern or western sides.

The building should be orientated to maximise sun exposure in the winter but minimise exposure in the summer.  Building setbacks also need to be considered to utilise natural light and air flow.

When it comes to designing an energy efficient home, there are many other factors for you to consider so why not get in touch with the team at Perth’s Granny Flat Specialist to find out more! (08) 9284 7778

The recent Housing Affordability Report by the Real Estate Institute of Australia shows WA remains one of the most affordable states in the country for housing. Despite a softening in the Perth real estate market and the median house price down to $525,000, why is home ownership still not attainable for so many?

Why is Home Ownership still not attainable?

Possibly because the median income for Perth households is recorded as $85,700?  Assuming that a household can save a 10% deposit, sign up for a 30 year loan at our current average 5.58% interest rate and then spend a third of their income on mortgage repayments… they should be able to afford a house around $415,000.

There is quite a gap there between what the median household earns and what the median house costs isn’t there!?

Increases in Multi-generational Households

Perth’s Granny Flat Specialist believes this is one reason why we’ve seen an increase in multi-generational households. Adult children remaining in the family home well in to their twenties and thirties…  Young families opting to live with their older parents… Or single parents relying on their own mum and dad for some financial assistance.

Building a granny flat can be a great stepping stone to home ownership.  From as little as $90,000 you can have a small home of your own…  A free standing, self-contained dwelling that is ready to move in to.

Granny Flats are more than just an Affordable Solution

Granny flats are not only affordable but they offer families space, independence and privacy. Two families living under one roof can sometimes cause stressors and strains in the relationship; requiring exceptional communication, constant negotiation and a high level of trust and respect.  Having individual space and separation can often solve these issues and offer a more relaxed and harmonious living arrangement while still being close by.

If home ownership is currently out of reach for you or someone you know, then feel free to contact Perth’s Granny Flat Specialist to see if we can design something to suit your needs. (08) 9284 7778

Very often we equate storage with closed doors and drawers.  However these require space for opening and closing which can be valuable in small rooms and small homes such as granny flats.  Open storage will not only save you space but it is functional as well as provides opportunities for creative styling.  Here are five tips from Better Homes & Gardens to show you how open storage saves you space…

how open storage saves you spaceDecorative storage pieces

Sometimes smaller spaces may necessitate storing items in view plain view so why not select a storage piece that compliments the rooms décor? Identify the hues in the room and then find a hook or shelf to match.  Here, rolls of essential papers and wraps are stored in a decorative storage piece that accents the metals in the Kitchen.


how open storage saves you spaceDouble Duty Furniture

A study or home offices may be difficult to create when space is tight but here some strategically placed bookshelves offers a practical and beautiful space. The stool tucks away under the work surface and the laptop can fold out of the way too.



how open storage saves you spaceSpace within Space

Rather than stacking items directly on top of each other, subdivide open spaces for better organization.



how open storage saves you spaceNarrow Shelves

Narrow or short shelves can give you extra surfaces to store items in easy reach.  Plates and glasses that are used frequently do not necessary need to be kept behind cabinet doors.



how open storage saves you spaceDon’t Waste Windows

Natural light helps make small rooms feel bigger, but windows also gobble up wall space and potential storage spots. To get the best of both worlds, consider a strategy used in this kitchen: a mid-height shelf for a few short bowls, and a hanging rack near the ceiling for essential pots and pans.


Better Homes & Gardens has more creative storage ideas for small spaces.

However if you’re interested in building your own small space, please contact Perth’s Granny Flat Specialist today – (08) 9284 7778

It never ceases to amaze me when people react like this…

The other day a friend and I were walking through a granny flat, it was the first time she’d ever seen one and her first response was “it’s like a real house!?”  It was a mixture of delight, awe, excitement and shock!  How could a granny flat look this good?  Do they all look like this?  I should definitely get myself one!

My response to her was “well what did you think it was going to look like!?”  Maybe we’ve been in the custom design game for too long… or in the granny flat industry for not long enough… but the idea that granny flats are some kind of cheap and inferior dwelling is most definitely a misconception.

So what is the difference between a granny flat and a house?

Come to Perth’s Granny Flat Specialist and the answer to this question is… practically nothing!

Most of the granny flats we build are self-contained, free standing units.  They have a kitchen, a bathroom, one or two bedrooms, a laundry, and a living/dining area.  They come complete with all the modern conveniences like cabinetry with soft closing hinges, breeze locks to sliding windows, built in wardrobes, shower screens, air-conditioning and LED downlights.  And they can even be fitted out with roller blinds, raised ceilings, bamboo flooring, rain showers and security screens. Anything you can imagine we can supply and build in.

So when people are surprised by the quality of our work, this is the perfect opportunity to remind them that it pays to shop around before choosing your builder.  At Perth’s Granny Flat Specialist we are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality work that not only meets, but exceeds their expectations.  We offer flexible designs, are responsive to your needs and can accommodate any special requirements you may have.

Our granny flats are really just a small house.  They are not dongas or transportables or sea containers.  They are built in your backyard from the ground up by professional tradesmen following a plan designed by you.

To find out more about building a granny flat with Perth’s Granny Flat Specialist, get in contact on (08) 9284 7778.

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