Very often we equate storage with closed doors and drawers.  However these require space for opening and closing which can be valuable in small rooms and small homes such as granny flats.  Open storage will not only save you space but it is functional as well as provides opportunities for creative styling.  Here are five tips from Better Homes & Gardens to show you how open storage saves you space…

how open storage saves you spaceDecorative storage pieces

Sometimes smaller spaces may necessitate storing items in view plain view so why not select a storage piece that compliments the rooms décor? Identify the hues in the room and then find a hook or shelf to match.  Here, rolls of essential papers and wraps are stored in a decorative storage piece that accents the metals in the Kitchen.


how open storage saves you spaceDouble Duty Furniture

A study or home offices may be difficult to create when space is tight but here some strategically placed bookshelves offers a practical and beautiful space. The stool tucks away under the work surface and the laptop can fold out of the way too.



how open storage saves you spaceSpace within Space

Rather than stacking items directly on top of each other, subdivide open spaces for better organization.



how open storage saves you spaceNarrow Shelves

Narrow or short shelves can give you extra surfaces to store items in easy reach.  Plates and glasses that are used frequently do not necessary need to be kept behind cabinet doors.



how open storage saves you spaceDon’t Waste Windows

Natural light helps make small rooms feel bigger, but windows also gobble up wall space and potential storage spots. To get the best of both worlds, consider a strategy used in this kitchen: a mid-height shelf for a few short bowls, and a hanging rack near the ceiling for essential pots and pans.


Better Homes & Gardens has more creative storage ideas for small spaces.

However if you’re interested in building your own small space, please contact Perth’s Granny Flat Specialist today – (08) 9284 7778

Designing your future home is fun to some… and not to others. If you are a person who loves getting involved you will enjoy working through your design to have things fitting and looking 100% how you would like, if not, let your trusted builder and Perth granny flat specialist take care of your ideas while you sit back and relax.

To start with you should put together a ‘wish list’ which includes things like the desired size of your granny flat, the number of bedrooms, level of finish you’re after, particular inclusions you want… like do you need an entertainer’s kitchen or is an outdoor area a priority?

If we can offer any advice on size, it would be that you shouldn’t try to squeeze in too much. Clever layout and design will make up for that one less bedroom or separate laundry and make the place feel much more liveable.

Once we have an initial design, it’s then a matter of moving things around to allow for your block orientation, add in features you do like and take out the one’s you don’t.


Get the Best Bang for your Buck

While inclusions like premium floor coverings, benchtops, tapware and lighting can add thousands to the price of your new granny flat, there is something more fundamental that may affect the price.

In fact, just being aware of this little-known design feature could save you tens of thousands of dollars without compromising on style and sophistication. And it simply has to do with…


The Shape of Your Granny Flat

The simpler the external shape and perimeter, the lower the cost is to build.

A more complicated shape is not more expensive because of added difficulty, it just simply requires more building material!

A house with more angles will more than likely have a greater overall surface area. This will increase the amount of materials needed to build the walls… It will increase the length of guttering and eaves and it will usually also increase the roof framework, plasterboard, cornices and other building materials.

A house with a simple shape (e.g. rectangle) can retain the same floor area with a greatly decreased wall surface area and make more effective use of the available space. The savings can run into the tens of thousands.


And Don’t Forget Orientation Too…

It’s important to get the orientation right too.  Poor orientation can result in you having to spend more on glazing and insulation to get the required energy rating. It can also lead to increased long term running costs to heat and cool your granny flat. This is a common downside when choosing a design straight out of a brochure.


Now that you have your design worked out, your builder will need to do their preliminary investigations. In our next video we’ll cover what these are and why you need to do them before signing a building contract.  Feel free to subscribe to our YouTube channel so you don’t miss it!

In the mean time please contact us to discuss your ideas for a new granny flat – (08) 9284 7778.

Moving in to a granny flat does not mean you need to compromise on the feeling of space and luxury.  Have a chat with our Interior Designer, Adriana from Hatch Interiors, about how you can create that homely feel in your granny flat by keeping things light, bright and airy.

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In the mean time we’ve put together some tips of our own!  Here are some easy ways to help a small room feel spacious.

  1. Choose one type of flooring

To improve flow and create the feeling of large open space, choose one type of flooring.  The wider the floorboard or larger the tile, the more expansive the floor will look.

  1. Paint walls in light colours

Pale shades will help bounce natural light around the room. Painting your skirtings and door frames slightly lighter than the walls will also make the surfaces visually recede.

  1. Use curtains for height

Hang your window treatments high, from the ceiling if possible, and let them fall all the way to the floor.  This automatically draws the eye up and creates the illusion of height.  Selecting a fabric colour similar to the walls will also give you a seamless look.

  1. Mirrors

One of the best tricks in the book, mirrors are an obvious choice when it comes to creating the illusion of space.  They reflect natural light and visually expand spaces.

  1. Sliding doors

Hinged doors that need to swing open and closed can take up valuable space in small areas.  Consider opting for sliding doors for a more functional space.

  1. Petite furniture

Rid yourself of oversized furniture and clunky pieces.  Ditch the king size bed and opt for some space saving furniture.  This might include a sofa with legs to elevate it off the floor, a round dining table and low backed chairs that don’t block a view.

Many people tell Shane and the team that the main concern they have about granny flats is the size of the place. But our belief is, with some magic and interior design you can make a smaller area feel large and airy. Adriana from Hatch Interiors’ primary focus is on ensuring her clients have a beautiful airy place to live and she helps our clients with their granny flats.

Here are some tips for making the most of small spaces!

An important aspect of keeping a small place from feeling tiny is to declutter; staying organised is key to making the most of your small space

One important way of making a room feel bigger is having furniture that is the appropriate scale. No need to use a 36-inch-wide armchair when a 26-inch one would do. Apply this to all pieces, including tables, and lighting.

How do you know you’re working with a professional builder? Select the right builder and you will have a pleasurable experience, choose the wrong builder and it can be a heartbreaking and costly lesson. Find out the seven crucial questions you must ask. Download now.

We recommend looking at incorporating textures that reflect light, such as shimmery velvets, silk or silk style rugs, crystal lights, and lacquered furniture. Try and add lots of lighting that will amplify the perception of space.

Hang an oversize round mirror, our belief is – the bigger the better. The rule of thumb is to frame the mirror with at least 9 inches of wall space on all sides.  The other option is to hang a number of smaller mirrors, salon style, this also helps make a room feel larger.

Did you know if you include an oversize piece of art that will help make a wall feel bigger? A lot of interior designers recommend that with a piece of art, about 70 percent of the wall should be covered by the art to make it really impactful so that your eye sees more art than white space.

What other ways to help with interior design for granny flats?

Another trick of the trade is to hang window coverings at the ceiling line and from wall to wall rather than limiting them to the size of the window. It gives the appearance of a larger/taller space. Which makes it a lot of fun to find window coverings that will be appealing in a larger space than originally expected!

If you choose to hang multiples in a small space, whether that be light fixtures or art, always try for odd numbers. You can incorporate interesting details by adding various layers of texture or a mix of materials like wood, metal, and glass

There are so many amazing landscape photographers and artists, why not look at purchasing art or photography with a vista or a landscape, this acts like a window and gives depth to a wall, bringing the eye visually into another world.multigenerational living

Another option, which might suit the grandparents who probably have years of books available is to add built-in floor-to-ceiling bookshelves. They give the illusion of having a lot of furniture, but are narrower and require less depth

Here are a few tips to help make your granny flat feel larger, and ensure your visitors enjoy spending time at your place!  Hopefully by following these ideas, it will help with your ideas on interior design for granny flats!


A home is not always about investment dollars, it is almost always about investment in your future and having safe and comfortable spaces in which to live and move around.  That is why Granny Flats independent living is essential.

Universal Design features in your home combine barrier free living with eco and sustainable best practice.  If you are needing to build, add more space or incorporate a granny flat, then some thought and consideration at the pre-concept stage can maximise independent living and secure wellbeing, quality of life and independence with a home design that complements your immediate lifestyle needs with medium to long term planning goals.

How do you know you’re working with a professional builder? Select the right builder and you will have a pleasurable experience, choose the wrong builder and it can be a heartbreaking and costly lesson. Find out the seven crucial questions you must ask. Download now.

Universal Design principles assist you to meet individual and lifestyle needs of family members of any age, ability and stage in life.  The use of good appearance and stylish design can support any or all of these Universal Design scenarios:

  • A pregnant woman negotiating doorways and toilets, showers and the bath
  • A young family with prams and pushers
  • Sudden illness or injury resulting in temporary or permanent disability
  • Ageing bodies that need a home in which to move around more easily when using a frame or wheelchair:  it may not be you at the moment but how are your parents or grandparents, or family members or friends who visit?
    The number of people worldwide living with at least one disability is increasing exponentially.

Granny Flats For Independent Living

Homes and living spaces should be designed so they can meet changing needs, and can mean staying on in the home together with or near family and enjoying a more independent and fulfilling lifestyle with more comfort and peace of mind.  With a view to the present and the future, Universal Design features for your home that you should think about before making building decisions and committing yourself, are

  • Pathways from the footpath or garage
  • Entrance to the home
  • Surfaces and widths, landing areas and shelter from the weather
  • Garden beds and landscaping
  • Step-free flush threshold and width of your entrance door to entry level
  • Comfortable movement between spaces, level transitions and width for internal doorways and hallwaysgranny flats perth
  • Easy access, entry level toilet location with clear width and circulation space for toilet visits by visitors and anyone living in the home
  • Slip resistant, step free, for one bathroom at least with a corner location and reinforced walls so grab rails can be installed
  • Finishing items such as taps, fittings and tiles

Universal Design takes into account that changes will occur over the life of the home and lifestyle of its occupants.  These principles are based on customising and attention to functional needs of individuals and families to maximise quality of life, independence and financial security.

Acceptance and application of Universal Design in homes is increasing worldwide but not to the extent where governments are taking sufficient notice and incorporating programs and strategies that would inevitably help budget bottom lines.  There is a growing need to integrate housing and care needs of Australians particularly as they age.

The baby boomer era has accelerated the recognition that Universal Design spaces and products make life safer and simpler.  People will remain in their homes for as long as possible where they want to be and live independently where practical.  Nursing home places should be left available to those who desperately require specific high level care and support.

Perth’s Granny Flat Specialist has connections with Universal Design consultants in Perth who work with builders, building designers and contractors who can share ideas and provide guidance early in the piece on Universal Design aspects.

Perth’s Granny Flat Specialist is so supportive of universal design that it offers a free initial consultation with an access consultant who can illustrate where Universal Design features in a home can benefit individuals and families.  Contact us today!  (08) 9284 7778

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