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Granny Flats are wonderful options when you need to add accommodation, provide a great “aging in place” arrangement or even generate extra income. It can add value to your existing property and double as a home office, teenagers retreat or anything you wish!

Before you jump the gun, read our golden rules for building a Granny Flat and getting started…

Attached or Detached:

The two main types of Granny Flats are attached or detached. Attached is an extension made to the main house, detached or freestanding is totally separate with its own front entrance and no connection to the main house.

Freestanding Granny Flats offer the most privacy for potential renters or family members who will be living there but they don’t offer the flexibility an extension onto the main house provides.

Attached granny flats or extensions are under the same roof of the main house. They usually have their own entrance and can also be accessed with a linked door, it can be used as an extra guest or entertainment space or you can simply lock the door separating the areas should you wish to rent it out in future.

Ask yourself, what will you initially be using your new Granny Flat for? Will that change in 10 years’ time? These things will help you pick the smartest choice for you and your family.

Standard or Custom:

Most builders provide a range of standard home designs you can choose from, typically they are a basic shaped floorplan that’s been priced and ready to go. Alternatively, you can customize your own, by either tweaking a standard design or starting from scratch.

The pros and cons between the two simply come down to time and costs. Going with a standard design means the designer has already designed it and the builder has already built it, therefore by repeating this process it limits risk, reduces time and you don’t have to pay for any additional designing costs.

If you have your heart set on a custom design that’s great too! You’ll be getting exactly what you want, where you want it!

Layout & Orientation:

It’s important you get the layout of your new Granny Flat correct from the get go. Consider your existing home and where on your property your new Granny Flat would best benefit. When it comes to privacy think of window views, neighbours, outdoor access areas etc.

Finance & Legal:

Get plenty of financial and legal advice. Its important you roughly know the cost of your existing home to decide if its worth the money or not. Short-term spending $100,000-$150,000 on a Granny Flat may not be the smartest if you’re planning on selling soon. As a  long-term investment you can make a fantastic return on renting out.

If you have a plan to share the cost to construct, move family members or maybe someone is paying for it on your behalf, it always pays to check what ramifications this can have on Centrelink entitlements and family estate planning.

Research & Planning:

Plan to research, research to plan. Don’t just look at giving your property a single added benefit. By being practical at the planning stage, your project can provide a great versatile space which will benefit your family for years to come.

With so many things to consider researching, planning and asking for advice when building a Granny Flat is essential to a successful end project.

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