Designing Your Granny Flat

Designing your future home is fun to some… and not to others. If you are a person who loves getting involved you will enjoy working through your design to have things fitting and looking 100% how you would like, if not, let your trusted builder and Perth granny flat specialist take care of your ideas while you sit back and relax.

To start with you should put together a ‘wish list’ which includes things like the desired size of your granny flat, the number of bedrooms, level of finish you’re after, particular inclusions you want… like do you need an entertainer’s kitchen or is an outdoor area a priority?

If we can offer any advice on size, it would be that you shouldn’t try to squeeze in too much. Clever layout and design will make up for that one less bedroom or separate laundry and make the place feel much more liveable.

Once we have an initial design, it’s then a matter of moving things around to allow for your block orientation, add in features you do like and take out the one’s you don’t.


Get the Best Bang for your Buck

While inclusions like premium floor coverings, benchtops, tapware and lighting can add thousands to the price of your new granny flat, there is something more fundamental that may affect the price.

In fact, just being aware of this little-known design feature could save you tens of thousands of dollars without compromising on style and sophistication. And it simply has to do with…


The Shape of Your Granny Flat

The simpler the external shape and perimeter, the lower the cost is to build.

A more complicated shape is not more expensive because of added difficulty, it just simply requires more building material!

A house with more angles will more than likely have a greater overall surface area. This will increase the amount of materials needed to build the walls… It will increase the length of guttering and eaves and it will usually also increase the roof framework, plasterboard, cornices and other building materials.

A house with a simple shape (e.g. rectangle) can retain the same floor area with a greatly decreased wall surface area and make more effective use of the available space. The savings can run into the tens of thousands.


And Don’t Forget Orientation Too…

It’s important to get the orientation right too.  Poor orientation can result in you having to spend more on glazing and insulation to get the required energy rating. It can also lead to increased long term running costs to heat and cool your granny flat. This is a common downside when choosing a design straight out of a brochure.


Now that you have your design worked out, your builder will need to do their preliminary investigations. In our next video we’ll cover what these are and why you need to do them before signing a building contract.  Feel free to subscribe to our YouTube channel so you don’t miss it!

In the mean time please contact us to discuss your ideas for a new granny flat – (08) 9284 7778.

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