How Open Storage Saves You Space

Very often we equate storage with closed doors and drawers.  However these require space for opening and closing which can be valuable in small rooms and small homes such as granny flats.  Open storage will not only save you space but it is functional as well as provides opportunities for creative styling.  Here are five tips from Better Homes & Gardens to show you how open storage saves you space…

how open storage saves you spaceDecorative storage pieces

Sometimes smaller spaces may necessitate storing items in view plain view so why not select a storage piece that compliments the rooms décor? Identify the hues in the room and then find a hook or shelf to match.  Here, rolls of essential papers and wraps are stored in a decorative storage piece that accents the metals in the Kitchen.


how open storage saves you spaceDouble Duty Furniture

A study or home offices may be difficult to create when space is tight but here some strategically placed bookshelves offers a practical and beautiful space. The stool tucks away under the work surface and the laptop can fold out of the way too.



how open storage saves you spaceSpace within Space

Rather than stacking items directly on top of each other, subdivide open spaces for better organization.



how open storage saves you spaceNarrow Shelves

Narrow or short shelves can give you extra surfaces to store items in easy reach.  Plates and glasses that are used frequently do not necessary need to be kept behind cabinet doors.



how open storage saves you spaceDon’t Waste Windows

Natural light helps make small rooms feel bigger, but windows also gobble up wall space and potential storage spots. To get the best of both worlds, consider a strategy used in this kitchen: a mid-height shelf for a few short bowls, and a hanging rack near the ceiling for essential pots and pans.


Better Homes & Gardens has more creative storage ideas for small spaces.

However if you’re interested in building your own small space, please contact Perth’s Granny Flat Specialist today – (08) 9284 7778

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