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Wood is a product that combines inspiration, beauty, performance and environmental advantage. This article looks at some of the most compelling reasons for using wood in the built environment.  Timber framing granny flats is such a great option.

As you will discover, not only is wood a natural product of inherent beauty, as a building material it offers superior performance backed by significant environmental credentials.Offering design options that are limited only by imagination, its flexibility and versatility is no better demonstrated than by the variety of applications it lends itself to. From striking internal timber detailing to strong and cost effective external structures, wood offers a solution to a multitude of building and design requirements, literally creating living spaces alive with beauty, warmth and comfort.

Timber is one of the world’s top performing construction materials. Tried and tested over centuries, it’s inherent beauty, strength and durability has seen it remain one of the most popular building materials to this day.

Developments and advancements in engineered wood products and in timber treatments mean that timber can now be used where once materials like steel or concrete were the only option. And in key areas of acoustics, thermal performance, strength and fire resistance – timber is not just capable of answering a wide range of specifications but also of performing strongly, each and every time.

Timber framing is the most widely-used structural building method in the world, offering a fast, eco-friendly, highly-insulated building solution. Timber framed homes offer huge savings, improved insulation, and healthier standards of living.

The following points are just some of the advantages of using timber framing:

  • Construction times are reduced using Timber Frame techniques by as much as one third.
  • Impact of inclement weather is reduced as construction need not stop.
  • Program of following trades is easier.
  • Timber Frame offers a lighter form of construction which can be of benefit to foundations particularly where poor ground conditions prevail.
  • Improved sound insulation compared with alternative construction methods, particularly at separating walls.
  • Higher thermal insulation at an economic price when compared with alternative construction methods.
  • Greater accuracy and a better standard of finish after handover.
  • Timber Frame is a dry form of construction, there is no drying out period. You will not get drying out cracks common in wet construction.
    Adequately responds to environmental issues concerning energy use during production and after construction.
  • Wood is effectively a carbon-neutral material (even allowing for transport). With the ability to store carbon for its entire service life, using sustainably sourced timber can help tackle climate change and transition to a low carbon economy.
  • Wood is a renewable resource.
  • Timber Frame has the lowest CO2 cost of any commercially available building material.
  • For every cubic meter of wood used instead of other building materials, 0.8 tonne of CO2 is saved from the atmosphere.Processing timber is an energy efficient procedure. 77% of the energy used in the production of wood products comes from wood residues and recovered wood.
  • Converting timber into a useable building material takes far less energy and creates minimal pollution compared to other mainstream alternatives such as aluminium, steel, concrete and brick.
  • Strength for strength, concrete uses 5 times (and steel uses 6 times) more energy to produce than timber.
  • Residues generated through the use of timber can be reused in a variety of positive ways, as can the wood from products once they reach their “end of life”.
Termite Management

Termites are an integral part of the ecology on mainland Australia and may attack houses and commercial structures of any construction. The timber industry recommends that all new Australian homes are protected from termite attack by using the right materials, construction methods and by regular inspection. Termite protected Blue Pine framing is available where termite risk is higher or where the homeowner or builder would like additional peace of mind.

Forest Management Certification

Chain of Custody Forest Certification is a voluntary market based initiative that enables consumers to confidently purchase wood that is harvested from responsibly managed forests. The chain of custody refers to all the steps involved in taking the forest product from the forest itself, through manufacture, transport and distribution to the point of purchase. For an end product to be labelled certified there must be an unbroken chain of certified organisations covering change of legal ownership.

Sustainable forest management makes the forestry industry one of the most greenhouse friendly sectors of the Australian economy. A sustainable managed forest has three values at its core, maintaining ecological processes within the forest, maintaining biodiversity and optimizing environmental, economic and social benefits for current and future generations.1 On top of a focus on renewable energy it has been noted that in 2004 a net 14.9 million tonnes of carbon were removed from the atmosphere through sustainable forestry and carbon store in wood products.

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