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You have vetted the builders, dabbled with the first stage of designing and found the one builder that you’d love to work with! Congratulations, you’ve done amazing till now! What next? It is now time to get ready as you look at what all work goes in from the builder’s side to get your property ready for construction.  

Final design stage–  

Your builder will put together all of the information that he/she collected from you, from the site contour and feature survey, plus your needs. They then work with a team of experts – engineers and draftsmen to get a final drawing of the design, based on your requirements and what you’ve told the builder.  

Fixed price quotation –  

During the site assessment you would have been given a price estimate. Bear in mind though, it is an indication of what you want to build. The actual price will vary based on a number of variable costs and the final design. Once you approve your design you will receive a fixed price quotation. This quote will be comprehensive and will give you a breakdown of each element that goes into the building project.

The quote will cover everything from the site costs to the inclusions that the granny flat or small home will come with – keep a checklist handy to go back and refer to ensure you haven’t missed anything. A quick tip here – read the quote thoroughly, especially the inclusions section. This will tell you everything you will get in the total price and will list any allowances. For reference, you can use our list of inclusions.  

Signing the contract –  

Once you have the fixed price quote and you have checked it and feel comfortable, the next step is to sign the contract. Ask your builder to go through the quote with you and clarify any doubts that you have. Sign the contract only after you have a final price and the builder has explained everything in detail.  

Documents and approval –  

Your builder will usually take care of the approval process for you. Depending on the location, the documents to be submitted for council approval may vary, but overall these will be the documents required –  

  • Final drawings of the building project 
  • Engineering details 
  • Energy assessment 
  • Builders’ warranty insurance certificate 
  • Water corporation approval 
  • Specifications 
  • Termite treatment letter and others 

Believe it or not, it is the permit stage that takes quite a bit of time. After your builder submits all the documents for approval, it might take anywhere between 6-8 weeks for the council to get back with approvals for your small home or granny flat. Once you have the approval, your property is ready for the first slab to go in and you can now – officially – get excited!  

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