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5 Reasons why a Granny Flat is right for Elder Care…

A very common conversation around the barbecue at family gatherings these days is “What to do about the parents” or, among the elder generation, “Thought about what you’ll do when the house gets too big for you?”
Granny flats are usually a small detached or semi-detached building in a backyard which is fully independent with its own kitchen, bathroom and separate entrance.
They vary in quality from a transportable “donga” style building to custom designed micro homes built to suit the location and persons requirements
Here are 5 great reasons why a granny flat is a great way to care for the elder in your family.

Can I build a Granny Flat on my Property…?

Probably the most popular question we get asked at Perth Granny Flat Specialist is…
“Can I build a granny flat on my property?”
The short answer in most cases is yes…

Designing your Granny Flat…

Designing your future home is fun to some… and not to others. If you are a person who loves getting involved you will enjoy working through your design to have things fitting and looking 100% how you would like, if not, let your trusted builder and Perth granny flat specialist take care of your ideas while you sit back and relax.

To start with you should put together a ‘wish list’…

How much does it cost to build a Granny Flat…?

A lot of people ask us ‘How Much Should I Spend On A Granny Flat’?

Apart from “Can I build a granny flat on my property?” the second most popular question we’re asked at Perth Granny Flat Specialist is “How much does a granny flat cost?”

Well… even if we tell you that a 60m2, two bedroom granny flat will cost around $125-130,000, without all the details, how can you compare this with other builders…?

Naturally, Building Smaller is Greener…

Did you know that almost half of the world’s contribution to greenhouse gas emissions come from the construction industry? This is more than that contributed by the transport industry.
There are two ways we can address this. We can reduce our production of green house gases and we can increase our ability to store such emissions.

Need advice? We can help.
Not sure if a Granny Flat is right for you or where to start?
Get in touch and we’ll be happy to answer any questions.


We work with you to build you a superior quality granny flat that is built to your budget, on time and defect free. Our clients get to stay informed every step of the way and can sleep well at night knowing that they are being looked after by professionals who genuinely care.


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