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From backyard investment to treehouse studio, the humble granny flat has evolved!

Granny flats, granny flats everywhere! There is so much demand for granny flats in Perth – since the start of this year, we’ve already had 223% more leads compared to this time last year! The complexities involved in building a house, coupled with council support are encouraging home-owners to invest in granny flats. People are recognizing the benefits of having a small dwelling in their backyard – keeping the family together for a small price, instead of moving houses (or asking family members to move). Here’s are top five trends we’re noticing specifically in Perth –

Cost and value:

Most of the prospects whom we talk to turn out to be digitally savvy, informed customers. It is obvious that they have done their homework and research, before contacting a builder. They are well-informed and alert. Queries on square meter rates, insurance and what documentation will they be given are very common. We’re also seeing that customers do not just ask about the cost of building a granny flat but want to know its value as well and whether it would make a good investment for the future.

Open plans:

Most of our potential and existing customers prefer open plans to optimize space. We feel this is not just a disappearing trend, but it is here to stay. Skipping the walls between kitchen, dining and living area in a flowing layout adds more space and helps to bring in natural elements. What’s not to love when it blends in the modern layout with well-lit and ventilated design?

Here’s one of the open plan granny flats that we built –

It features a large open plan kitchen and living area with pull out wall bed for additional floor space and a stunning back deck for enjoying hot Perth summer days.

Browse through our designs here. 

Versatile spaces:

While we still get customers asking us to build classic one and two-bedroom granny flats for families, we are also seeing granny flats being built for extra-income – cautious property investors have opened their backyards to build granny flats that can be rented out. Since a granny flat can be built within 10-12 weeks, the wait time is less and the return on investment, high.

We are also witnessing a gradual increase in bold designs and builds. In the past year, we have built multipurpose granny flats:

  • Treehouse granny flat – this is our absolute favorite! – a versatile space with parking below the treehouse.

  • Studio style granny flat with a feature kitchen – for a young lady, who wanted heaps of cupboard space and natural light.

  • Entertaining space for guests and friends – features a raked ceiling and servery opening out into the pool area

  • Living space for teenagers



About 90% of the enquires we have received over the year has been about customization. With the increasing need for versatile backyard spaces, the demand for customization is not surprising. Customization also enables customers to make the home future-proof – changes can be incorporated in the future according to changing needs of the occupants. Due to this quality, customers are opting for universal designs in their granny flats, that give attention to functional needs of individuals and families to maximize quality of life, independence and financial security.

Less is more:

When it comes to furnishing, we are seeing that customers prefer to be minimalistic. A couple of bar stools, a small 2-4 seater dining table, a two or three seater couch with a compact coffee table seem to be the popular choice of furnishing. We see that this is all to maximize the living space, and clutter-free furnishing complements the open plan layout.

We’re glad to see the granny flat evolving from the humble dwelling for the elderly to being a versatile space. We’re excited to see what the future holds – more modern designs, more functional layouts and who knows, maybe even luxe holiday homes!

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