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A house that is built on a 70m2 footprint (Aka granny flat) can be quite spacious. But fill it up with furniture and all that space ca disappear! For that matter, even a large house can be quite cramped once you’ve furnished it! But – back to granny flats again – how do you make your granny flat or small home look spacious. We’ve put together some tips based on our expertise and of course, our customers who have made some smart choices when it comes to saving spaces –

Open plans: Yes, we know. We spoke about this in our previous blog too! But both our customers and us, can’t seem to get enough of open plan designs. Skip those walls as much as you can, an open design adds more living space and increases the light. Don’t believe us? Take a look at our projects!

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Wall bed: The second most popular feature that some of our customers have opted for is the wall bed (in fact, this is one of the most frequently asked questions even before we can sign a contract). Pull it down in the evening and fold it right up as soon as you wake up (you don’t even have to ‘make your bed’ 😉). Look at this one – it folds up and blends in with the wardrobe. Doesn’t create an eyesore in anyway.

Pull out pantry: Another popular ask from our customers. Pull out pantries are a great way of utilizing space. This style of pantry provides more room to stock your groceries and helps you stay organized always. Look at this one built for Bob’s mother-in-law – it is a clever design.

Pull out pantry

Light colors: Choose light color for your walls and floor. Bright colors crowd a room, even when only one wall is colored bright. Light colors are easy on the eyes too. White, off-white, cream, pastel blue are some beautiful colors that would go well with any furniture or furnishings. It would be even better if you can use the same color for your walls and floors. This also holds true for drapes and curtains. Select subdued tones and if you don’t mind, using the same color drape as that of the wall makes the room look more spacious.

Mirror, mirror on the wall: You don’t have to mount a mirror on the wall, but a large standing mirror makes any room look bigger. Place it opposite a window and you’ve got more natural light and a larger space. Mirrored sliding robe doors can work too.

Storage furniture: If you already know this, you’re one smart cookie! Buy furniture that is multipurpose – side table with storage, sofa with storage, storage bench, shelving units, wall shelves and even console tables. If you are looking for storage in a budget, IKEA has some excellent options.

Use rugs: Rugs can create boundaries for your furniture. Even if you have an open design and a flowing layout, you can use rugs in complementing tones to divide spaces. One rug in the living area to hold the sofa, coffee table and any side table or décor and one under the dining area can create more visual space and add beauty.

Got more ideas for making a small home more spacious? We’d love to hear them – write to us or DM us on social media. If you’re wondering what inclusions come with a granny flat, feel free to call us or drop us your contacts and we’ll get in touch!


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