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You have gone through the first meeting with the granny flat builder, selected the one that you trust and you have the preliminary design drawings. While you were waiting impatiently for the building process to begin, your builder finalized the design and obtained approval. Yes, finally – your building project is about to start!  

An organized builder will have a building schedule ready right at the preliminary design stage itself! As a builder who gets our schedule ready at the preliminary design stage, we have to say it is a great way to stay organized throughout the project. This scheduling helps us manage tradies, organize deliveries, complete the project and handover on time. All of this is done before the building permit is granted. That way as soon as the building permit arrives it’s all hands-on deck and let’s get building! 

Site preparation 

Your site gets prepared for the project – the builder starts by clearing any unwanted trees or existing structure. (Happy to say goodbye to that old shed?) The land is excavated, levelled and boundaries for the granny flat are marked. You will now be able to see an outline of your granny flat. You will see a lot of tradies working on your site day in and day out.

Pouring the slab 

This is the foundation stage. Concrete slab is poured and is left to cure. A termite treatment is carried out during this stage before the slab is poured. You will now be able to visualize the layout of various spaces and rooms.  


The next stage is putting up those frames – a crucial stage in your granny flat building. Frames form the backbone of your granny flat and they can be either steel or timber frames. Frames for the walls and roof will be installed at this stage. You will be able to distinguish between spaces and rooms easily, get an idea of where windows and doors will go.  


Once the frames are in, the exterior work begins. First stage of electrical and plumbing work takes place. At this stage, you will also see the roof being installed, windows and doors are fixed. You will now be able to see a semblance of your final granny flat! After the lock-up is done, a thorough inspection of the works to date is carried out, site is cleaned of unwanted materials and the project gets prepared for the next stage. 

Insulation, external and internal works: 

Wall and ceiling insulation are installed. External painting is carried out and the next phase of termite treatment is done.

Installing kitchen, bathroom, vanity and others:  

Now your granny flat is really coming together. Your kitchen will be installed – cabinets, pantry, rangehood everything goes in together to bring your granny flat kitchen to life. Tiling is also carried out at this stage. You will also see toilets, sinks, showers and taps being fitted in! Get ready to move-in! Your granny flat is nearing completion.

Painting, flooring and finishes:  

The last leg of your building project – your granny flat will be painted (internal), floor will be completed (tiled or carpeted or laying timber), and the rest of the interiors such as shower screens, mirrors, etc are installed. Your builder will also do final touches to ensure clean finishes and tidy up the place before handing over the keys to you.

Now your granny flat is fully built, checked for workmanship and safety and is ready to move-in.  

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We work with you to build you a superior quality granny flat that is built to your budget, on time and defect free. Our clients get to stay informed every step of the way and can sleep well at night knowing that they are being looked after by professionals who genuinely care.


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