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Humans are social animals who need contact and intimacy with others to feel good about life. This is even more important after retirement, when the social contact that comes with being in the workforce is gone.

Staying active and involved after retirement, in your local community, can help combat any social isolation, loneliness and depression that you may experience when you believe they have nothing much to do.

At Perth’s Granny Flat Specialist, we have put together some tips to stay active and involved involved after retirement!


If health problems or reduced mobility are a barrier to your participation, work with your doctor for suggestions to better manage your condition.

Otherwise maintain regular exercise and eat healthily.  If you live in Perth, there are so many different places to go for exercise!  Keep your mind healthy by turning off the television and stimulating your brain reading, completing crosswords and paying board games.


While it is rewarding to put time, effort and love in to existing relationships, new friendships can energise your life and open up opportunities for fresh experiences.

Maybe you have an interest or hobby you’ve always wanted to try but never had the time? Check your local paper for clubs, associations and groups that meet nearby. Ask people you already know to introduce you to their friends so you can widen your circle. Or meet other like-minded people by enrolling in short course or university degree.   Plus your local library often has a range of courses and sessions on to help with socialising


Volunteering is a great way to get involved in your local community. Along with life experience you bring skills and knowledge that many local councils, schools, libraries and community organisations would be very appreciative of assistance from an unpaid helper.

Volunteering can also be rewarding for you providing a sense of satisfaction, feeling good about making a difference to others lives and increasing your confidence


The internet offers immediate and easy access to an unlimited number of opportunities. You can find a wealth of information on any subject you’re interested in, take online courses and keep in contact with friends through e-mail or chat groups.

It may be a little daunting to get started but it’s worth giving it a go. Ask your grandchildren for a lesson or two, or contact your local council or library for information on appropriate courses.  If you are looking at a Perth granny flat, you will have younger family members available to assist you, which will be very helpful!

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